UnitedLayer offers Multi-cloud products enabling customers to seamlessly deploy applications in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. We offer a single, web-based interface “UnitedLayer UNITY” for users to execute all vital functions for deploying applications from infrastructure provisioning to monitoring, management and support.


UnitedLayer’s Multi-cloud product integrates with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, UnitedLayer Managed Private Cloud and Customer colocation datacenters.


Easy user access management across multi cloud implementation

Workload management across multiple cloud platform for on demand needs such as auto scaling for unexpected high or low usage

Automation and management of multi-cloud workflows combined with each enterprise app from a singular view

Cloud automation and orchestration

Enablement of users by empowering them with self-service provisioning of multi-cloud resources

Migration of resources across clouds

Compliance & Security made easy

Integration & automation of support tickets

Dynamic alteration of capacities across mixed environments in tune with alteration in user performance and demand

Dashboard and analytics for multi cloud usage

Solution design and development specific to your business requirements while adhering to best practices for availability, scalability, performance, and security

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